DeepView Solutions       Revolutionizing Benefits Procurement
DeepViewRx is set of PBM procurement and management services and analytics developed by DeepView Solutions to empower employers (and their benefit consultants) to take advantage of the current inefficient PBM marketplace by:
  1. Securing pharmacy benefits at the best possible price (without changing benefit plans)
  2. Shifting as much employer cost risk to the winning PBM as possible
In any marketplace, buyers get the best price by driving the most productive competition among suppliers. DeepViewRx drives the most productive competition among PBMs by:
  1. Establishing a level playing field
  2. Collecting all of the information that affects employer cost: both pricing terms and plan-specific PBM drug interchange protocols
  3. Performing a rigorous financial valuation of each PBM proposal, reducing the comparison of PBMs to an average employer cost per script (among other metrics)
  4. Forcing PBMs to submit to dollar-for-dollar performance guarantees covering all cost variables
  5. Independently auditing winning PBM performance relative to their guarantees following each contract year
For more information, please contact DeepView Solutions Principal and Chief Actuary, Emil Kraft at or by calling 206 353 0195.
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